10 Cheap Ways to Decorate Your Rental Home

cheap home decor for renters

If you are like so many renters out there, you are probably wondering how to make your new rental house or apartment feel like home without over-investing in décor and remodeling. We have collected 10 ways to update and decorate your rental without breaking the bank:

Refinish Furniture

Its amazing what some new paint, fabric, and finish can do to your existing furniture. While it may seem easier to just start new, you’ll save yourself a lot of time (spent furniture shopping) and money if you reuse what you’ve already got.

First, think about where you are moving (the coast, mid-west, big city, etc), and then think about how you want to decorate your new home. Once you’ve got a vision for your rental, get ready to go DIY crazy.

farmhouse style table makeover

Farmhouse Style Table Makeover

Change Light Fixtures

Whether you decide to get creative with some DIY lighting, bring some vintage lamps from your old place, or invest a little bit in some new lighting, changing light fixtures is one of the easiest ways to put your own unique touch on a home. Not only will these light fixtures show off your personal style, but they can completely change the ambiance of a room.

charming light fixtures

Blue Hanging Lights

Paint Countertops

When changing up your countertops you can either change the color or finish (or both!) to give them an updated feel. Many paint companies sell paint that is specifically crafted for updating countertops. In other words, gone are the days of paying the big bucks for marble or granite in your kitchen and bathroom. You can now easily transform your countertops to be beautiful creations.

Here’s some inspiration via HGTV to updating your countertops: HGTV

Decorate the Entryway

Making sure your new house feels homey right when you walk in can make all the difference. Put a little extra effort into this area of the home with thoughtful and personal décor. Some options we love are to add some potted plants outside, or fill your foyer with personal and sentimental items. Both are easy ways to make your rental feel inviting and homey.

entryway hello decor entryway planters

Plotted Plants Entryway

Foyer Decor

Change Light Switch/Outlet Cases

Most rental homes and apartments will have tradition light switch and outlet cases. While there is nothing wrong with that, you might want to add your own personal flare to your rental by opting for a less traditional case. These cases are typically cheap, and installation is incredibly easy. You’d be amazed at how much a small change can transform the feel of your home.

light switch case

Light Switch Case

Change Your Door Knobs

Add some charm to your new house by changing up the traditional doorknobs for something more your style. Door knobs can be found at almost any home decor store and even at trunk shows and flea markets. We have seen some really creative door knobs, but right now we are loving this chic and feminine door knob (see photo below).

pretty door knob

Door Knob

Update the Cabinets in Your Kitchen

Painting/refinishing kitchen cabinets is another great way to put a personal touch on your temporary home. It can totally transform the look and feel of the room depending on how far you take it. For example, changing white cabinets to a dark finish or a bright pop of color can make the kitchen look completely different. In addition to a fresh paint job, you can add new knobs to the cabinets for an extra special personal touch.

Need some inspiration? Check out: Sunlit Spaces

Paint the Walls

While this may seem obvious, it is one of the cheapest ways to transform a house/specific room. Get creative with this – there is a lot you can do with color! Additionally, you can use stencils, painters’ tape, and multiple colors to create unique designs for every room in your house.

paint makeover room

Room Transformation

Update Your Flooring

If your new home has old wood or outdated linoleum flooring, consider adding adhesive flooring. It is a cheap way to build on what you already have and it looks really nice (we suggest checking out Home Depot).

If you can’t change the flooring, consider getting a big area rug to tie a room together without changing up the entire flooring.

install vinyl flooring

Install a Sheet Vinyl Floor

Change the Curtains

Choosing the right curtains is an underrated necessity for tying a room together. Curtains are the perfect way to make a statement, show off your personal style, can make or break a room. While curtains can get expensive, there are a lot of great and affordable options at stores like Target, HomeGoods, and Bed Bath & Beyond.

Here is some inspiration: Little Victorian



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